what does stat stand for Information, Definition and Meaning

stat is a Unix system call that returns file attributes about an inode. The semantics of stat vary between operating systems. As an example, the Unix command ls uses it to retrieve information on: ⁕atime: time of last access, ⁕mtime: time of last modification, and ⁕ctime: time of last status change.


Medical Term: Stat, used as a directive to medical personnel during in an emergency situation, is from the Latin word statim, which means “instantly” or “immediately.”



1. That’s only a stat that’s been placed into everybody’s head that you can peak too soon. We have a peaking pace and I believe my personal pace is just great. I don’t feel I have peaked yet, we’re all grateful that we have a little bit of time to get ready( for next year’s Rio Games). .


2. For my research I only consist of crashes where there was at least one traveler fatality — which is the relevant stat for those with a fear of traveling, i then incorporate the amount of flights, weighted to the most current 10 years, to supply the final’ one in a million’ statistics.


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