Shiv vs Shank Getting an Idea About it

Shiv, n: a slang term for something that can be used as knife.

Shank, n: a slang term for a knife that’s typically made from something else. A shank can be considered a type of shiv.

Shiv and shank are words that are ordinarily considered as synonymous by the vast majority. In spite of similitudes, there are contrasts that merit learning, to utilize the correct word in a specific setting. This article investigates Shiv and shank to discover their implications and use in order to empower perusers to utilize them accurately.


Shiv is a word that can be both a thing, just as an action word. As a thing, it alludes to a blade or, still better, a slang term for a blade. As an action word, it alludes to the demonstration of wounding somebody with a sharp article. The word has roots in the tramp clans of Romania and Moldova that utilized such articles. In the event that you are contemptuous or provoking somebody, you can say that he utilized a Shiv to cut the rope. Obviously, you said it as he didn’t utilize a legitimate blade to cut the rope.


Shank is a term that is utilized for whatever looks or works like a blade. It is obviously a slang term for this sort of a natively constructed blade. It may not be metallic to be named a shank. You can call a shard of glass with a material tied toward one side as a shank.

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