Shank knife – Shank homemade custom knives

The function with this web site is to inform, inspire, as well as encourage all keen and or obsessed with knives, gathering knives, or perhaps making their particular custom handmade knives. There are how to’s, do so yourselves (DIY), as well as ideas into my personal blade generating company as well as strategies. All my personal knives are handmade and custom designed. I individually built nearly all of the equipment I use within the knife generating process. If the keen in purchasing 1 concerning my some custom blade designs or want something more custom, feel free to see the get a hold of united states section and achieve out in order to me. Consider to subscribe to our Shank Knives newsletter to get insider guidelines as well as tips for the blade making efforts. (I promise people won’t bombard one with e-mails as well as spam.. I hate that too…) The very first e-mail you’ll receive will encapsulate their differences in between forging as well as inventory removal techniques for the blade generating.

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